Our Future

After 3 years of set up and establishment, MindSpace is fully geared for expansion and growth. We have learnt from the good we have achieved, in which we will continue our excellence; and from the bad or mistakes, in which we regard as valuable lessons that help us succeed in the future. This is the year, we wish to focus on expansion through

Planning ahead for the subsequent years, MindSpace has set its medium and long term plan for multiplication in terms of programs, centres and key initiatives. MindSpace is certainly gearing for greater impact and presence in this region and beyond.

Overview of Impact Expansion

As a reflection of what MindSpace has achieved since its inception, and upon reviewing the vision, mission and objectives that were set out, we realized the Organization has come to a pivotal moment for growth and expansion. In the last few years, MindSpace has undergone a process of identifying areas of needs and formulating a series of strategies to meet the varied needs of the community. Based on the set objectives, we focused on planning and since the necessary infrastructure for our education division and a whole host of other operations and divisions. Given the experience we acquired, the establishments we have and backed by a dedicated team of personnel, MindSpace is now well positioned to take on greater challenges to grow and expand on an accelerated scale. Our intended impact expansion lies in the following core areas, namely

  1. Expansion of core personnel
  2. Expansion of content development and storytelling
  3. Expansion of both facilities and programs

In the sections below, each of the above core areas are explained in greater details in terms of its rationale, the areas to be worked on and the potential outcome and benefit that will be derived out of this impact expansion.

Core Personnel

MindSpace has spent the initial 3 years identifying areas of needs and working out multiple solutions to meet those needs. As there are many areas which we have identified where workable solutions are needed, our team of personnel was mobilised to set up and develop facilities, programs, community works which are needed to be in place.

As the eco-system gets larger, there are added needs to work with larger groups for more complex and diversified initiatives. This has caused our team of personnel to stretch very thin and limited the velocity of expansion of the Organization and resulted in management inefficiencies. Under this impact expansion, apart from the organic growth of our personnel team across all levels in tandem with business operation expansion, we have identified a key area of expansion in our core management team. With the introduction of this core management team which is lacking currently, we strongly believe that the Organization will be able to be effective in meeting our goals and objectives, whether financial or social.

The key management team we are seeking to have in our Organization include:-

With the inclusion of the above management team, we are confident to deliver management excellence to the Organization. Key areas of management are needed in the following areas:-

MindSpace is rich in its experience working with an education model which is inclusive. The education pathway provides answers to students and families who look for integrated solutions as opposed to piecemeal approaches. Understanding that needs are not isolated, students and families will undergo a learning process that enables them to be a part to this integrative living which in turn, will not only benefit themselves, but bring about positive impact to others.

The Organization has since incorporation, worked with the various people groups, including NGOs, corporations, market and industry leaders and Government ministries and agencies in developing and implementing programs and initiatives across the various spheres or sectors. In order for the Organization to capitalize on our rich experience, we need to document our programs and initiatives and build our intellectual resources which are one of our key assets.

Currently, we aim to focus on content development for all our programs and initiatives for the following important reasons:-

a) Provides written and complete records of programs, processes, projects for continuous

b) Facilitate expansion and multiplication of similar or related programs to local and overseas organizations

c) Facilitates eventual certification by renown bodies

In the same manner, storytelling of who MindSpace is and what MindSpace does is vital in sharing our values, passion and thoughts. In our commitment to become a solution provider to the community, it is imperative for our stories to be shared – our simplistic stories that bring forth great values and understanding to, for example: inclusion living under an eco-system.

Our storytelling provides the avenue for MindSpace to

For the purpose of content development and storytelling, funds are needed to / for

Physical Facilities & Programs Expansion

Currently MindSpace has two campuses in the Klang Valley: The Mont Kiara campus and Oasis Square campus. The 1,533m2 Mont Kiara site comprises: ten learning spaces; studios for dance/drama and art; music-making facilities; an indoor sports space, and a garden space.

The larger (1,735m2) Oasis Square campus includes: 16 learning spaces; a library cum café ; vocational workshops; an auditorium; children playground; and a garden.

In order to realize the learning outcomes in support of the education divisions in both Centres as well as to develop other key divisions, we need to embark on an expansion plan involving

Examples of some of our needed facilities/ equipment include:-

With the enhanced facilities, we are confident that the Organization will experience multiple benefits from financial and social standpoints. Our enhanced facilities are aimed to house more students and participants under our

Besides the physical enhancement of facilities, funds are needed to develop programs which we have identified that form part of the eco-system. The program development entails a step by step detailing of the

As an example, MindSpace is in the midst of developing MADD Association Malaysia. This association is a combination of music, arts, drama and dance where talents, educators, promoters and passionate industry professional meet and develop solutions together in restoring appreciation of the ‘experience’ in creative and performing arts. A key step is to develop creative and performing audiences by way of creating awareness and appreciation programs with all the stakeholders.

Local Growth & Expansion Impact

Through intense working with different people groups from the various sectors and industries, we envision to undertake community engagement through partnerships. Understanding the need to be sustainable, collaborative efforts enable businesses to grow through sharing

As an example, partnership with commercial properties which are struggling to find tenants. A win-win situation will be to bring customers to these properties through a series of community initiatives, bringing both commercial value and social benefits to the place and the people.

Organic growth will also involve geographic growth into areas which are relatively un-reached. MindSpace intends to bring community impact into other states, cities or township where demand for change and impact are necessary. For example, by invitation, MindSpace has submitted its concept paper on the proposed set up of an international inclusion school in Kuching. This proposal, if accepted, will be the very first special needs university in the country of Malaysia.

At the same me, MindSpace has the privilege of having large network groups which will further be expanded through more collaboration and participation under the various platforms. MindSpace welcomes other organizations to work alongside with us to plant, build and expand joint initiatives that bring positive influence to the society. Currently, MindSpace works with a whole spectrum of industry partners, educators, journalists, government ministerial leaders, trainers, media team, musicians, artists and many more people groups.

MindSpace‘s second centre at the Oasis Square was birthed through strategic collaboration with the Property Developer. Our multiplication through opening of this second centre enabled us to learn and gain valuable experience in understanding the expectations and the critical success factors which lead to growth and expansion.

International Growth & Expansion Impact

MindSpace has recently visited Bangalore, India and conducted a webinar on conductive education, followed by a summer camp for students with cerebral palsy and other motor challenges. We saw the need for inclusive education in specific and inclusive living in general.

Over the years, MindSpace has been establishing networks with educators, industry experts from in and around the world. On-going international exchanges, research and collaborative efforts has helped MIND SPACE to not only understanding the different perspectives of a subject manner, but to be in the fore-front in terms of intellectual innovation and ideas.

MindSpace sees impact expansion as one without any geographic boundaries or limitation. With the available resources and opportunity, MindSpace is well positioned to take inclusive living eco-system to identified cities and countries. Current discussions with overseas education institutions in the area of higher learning are being undertaken. We will be pleased to provide further updates once discussion is more conclusive.


We call this The Seven Sphere Framework.