Our History

The Short

Since 2014, MindSpace has been developing community focused activities in order to engage the different parts of society and offer an environment where everyone can learn, grow and share. We see community development as a holistic, life-long journey, starting at birth and going on all the way through to the elderly. Our initiatives have offered, and continue to offer, a variety of educational, cultural and entertainment programs designed to bring people together for purpose.

The Long

Established in 2013, the original intention of MindSpace was to establish a more holistic and innovative approach to mainstream education that would prepare students for adult life. Through the initial planning stages, it was soon realized that in order to prepare students for community, a community was needed to teach them in.

It was through this, that the MindSpace movement was envisioned, developed and the initial stages have been implemented. It is on this same basis that development is continued, where continued development is the core of the MindSpace vision and mission.

Developing a community in which to educate, as opposed to developing an education system to meet the community needs, is an innovative approach that enables a student’s mind set to be truly impacted for life. Opening a student’s mind to a life of possibilities, vocational options, whilst instilling core values, requires diversity. The same diversity that will prevalent in life.

We call this The Seven Sphere Framework.