Impact Statement

As an organization, MindSpace is defined not by ourselves, but by those we impact. It therefore requires a paradigm shift in our processes. Habitually, it has become natural to evaluate based on ourselves, our own understanding, our own perspectives and tendencies. However, when the implementation of solutions are to be truly successful, our evaluation criteria must be expanded. Rather than thinking ME, we must start thinking WE. The moment this paradig mtakes root, our evaluation criteria changes holistically as the tools and resources made available to expand exponentially.

Our approach is encapsulated in our ability to holistically evaluate and establish comprehensive solutions via a customised analytical framework that we have developed.

We call this The Seven Sphere Framework

The Seven Spheres form the basis of influence in our lives which reflect the influences that drive our communities, our nations and the world as a whole. The comprehension of the multifaceted implications of individual actions, enables us to therefore evaluate issues earnestly, synergise solutions effectively and collaborate implementation efficiently with all stakeholders, allowing us to impact exponentially.

The Seven Sphere Framework consists of Education, Family, Health & Wellness, Arts & Entertainment,Media, Business and Government.

Through this framework, rather than individual components working independently, we develop communitye cosystems through partnerships and collaboration on a foundation of common purpose…


The philosophy behind the entire concept is one of Positive Impact Living which is only possible by finding our purpose and taking it on as our responsibility to fulfil it.

The output of this is that we must intentionally evaluate the impact of our actions from the benefit to community and not ourselves.

Our Mission…

Impacting community through pro-action

Our Vision…

To build engaged, inspired and sustained inclusive communities.

Our impact will positively expand when you say I WILL.

We call this The Seven Sphere Framework.