The Education Sphere

Our logo represents the seven spheres of our world. Click below to explore:
Holistic education is a term well known amongst educator and institutions that aim to take a view of the whole student and develop each students to their full potential. We believe that this, as important as it is, has developed a society that focuses primarily on the individual as opposed to the individual’s role in society. There is a vast different between educating individuals in a community and building a community in which to educate. As the old African saying goes, “ It takes a village to raise a child” and this rings true for our societies today. If we focus solely on educating a child without providing support for the child’s familly, then our impact will only go so far. If we support a family without reaching out their neighbours, then we cannot provide a platform to impact. Our dream is to see communities build in partnership with community. Families, individuals, institutions, organisations all have a role to play and a responsibility in supporting society’s development. Neighbour helping neighbour. We encourage each of you to start this journey in your own community. Take a step back from your day-to-day lives and just look at what is needed to be done around you. With a total of over 20 learning spaces, in two locations being available from daily for classes, events and group meetings, we are ready to become a formidable community of collaborative programs, with an extremely wide sphere of diversity and influence. It is here, at this level, that we are here to serve the community.
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