About Us

LIFE, as we experience it, is made up with a little of what we see and are conscious of, and a lot of what we don’t see and have no idea about. We tend to over-simplify things so that we can understand and comprehend an approach to dealing what is immediately in front of us. We unconsciously break things down into what we think are manageable segments so that we can comprehend and make, what we would call, logical decisions. This is not something that we do naturally, it is something we have learned to do culturally. Our upbringing has developed this as a tool, as a coping mechanism to be able to comprehend LIFE itself, and make things manageable, and understandable. We are not taught to think of them collectively. And typically approach them subjectively. They both influence us, and form the way that we influence others. We call these the spheres of influence… And there are seven of them.

As an organisation, MindSpace is an organic platform in and of itself that focuses on the coordination of solutions strategically designed to solve problems in community that are found through proactive engagement with community; where the community itself are the stakeholders; the contributors AND the recipients.


The ability to making impact lies in the ability to influence.

Our ability to influence is defined not by ourselves, but by those we impact. It therefore requires a paradigm shift in our processes. Habitually, it has become natural to evaluate based on ourselves, our own understanding, our own perspectives and tendencies. However, when the implementation of solutions are to be truly successful, our evaluation criteria must be expanded. Rather than thinking ME, we must start thinking WE. The moment this paradigm takes root, our evaluation criteria changes holistically as the tools and resources made available to expand exponentially. Our unique approach is encapsulated in our ability to holistically evaluate and establish comprehensive solutions via a customised analytical framework that we have developed.


Our History

Established in 2013, the original intention of MindSpace was to establish a more holistic and innovative approach to mainstream education that would prepare students for adult life. Through the initial planning stages, it was soon realized that in order to prepare students for community, a community was needed to teach them in.

It was through this, that the MindSpace movement was envisioned, developed and the initial stages have been implemented. It is on this same basis that development is continued, where continued development is the core of the MindSpace vision and mission.

Developing a community in which to educate, as opposed to developing an education system to meet the community needs, is an innovative approach that enables a student’s mind set to be truly impacted for life. Opening a student’s mind to a life of possibilities, vocational options, whilst instilling core values, requires diversity. The same diversity that will prevalent in life.


Our Future

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